Having it on hand could save a life.

Naloxone Iowa aims to help Iowans who want or need to have naloxone on hand get the tools they need to save a life.

You can get naloxone from your family doctor, receive it from a local pharmacy, request kits from community based organizations, or talk with a pharmacist from the University of Iowa's Tele-Naloxone program and have free naloxone sent to you at home.

This directory is meant to point you in the right direction and get you connected to the tools that you need. If we missed someone and should have another agency listed, please let us know!

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Naloxone Directory

updated 11/9/2021

Statewide Services for Worksites



The Bureau of Substance Abuse recently became authorized to purchase and 

distribute naloxone under the statewide standing order to eligible worksites

for worksite use purposes only.


*Eligible Worksites:

Law Enforcement,

Fire Departments (non-EMS regulated),


Emergency Departments,

County Public Health Offices, 

Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinics,

Community Mental Health Centers,

Assertive Community Treatment Teams,

and Substance Use Disorder (SUD) Treatment Agencies.

*Worksites may not distribute naloxone to individuals. Supplies made available directly to worksites

are intended to reverse overdoses that may be encountered within these locations. 

Individuals seeking Naloxone for personal use should be directed to the resources below.


For more information and to request forms, please contact

(All EMS-regulated first responder entities should receive training and naloxone (available in multiple formulations)

from the Bureau of Emergency and Trauma Services at the Iowa Department of Public Health.)



Statewide Services for Individuals


This is a program of the Iowa Department of Public

Health and University of Iowa Healthcare. You can visit with a pharmacy provider

using your smartphone or laptop and have free

naloxone mailed to you wherever you are.


Community Based Access

In Iowa, individuals can access naloxone at community based pharmacies without

a prescription. The following map will help you find naloxone in your community.

As of July 2020, Iowa pharmacies may dispense Naloxone for free. If you are a pharmacist looking for more information on how to submit for reimbursement please click here.



Can't find naloxone? No problem! Check out Tele-Naloxone to get free supplies mailed to your home!

If you are a community based pharmacy who provides naloxone products under the statewide standing order, and you are not listed on this map, please email to be included in this locator tool.